Volume 4 | Issue 9

The U

Young men of Missouri had an extremely beneficial opportunity this past July in attending The University of DeMolay - the leadership development program that Missouri offers to those who apply themselves to become better young men.

This week long program provides DeMolay members with more knowledge of how DeMolay operates on all levels, especially that of a Chapter level. The U was an experience for those who attended and helps guide them to a better realization of what they can accomplish not only in their DeMolay careers, but in their future lives.  

Skills of leadership, communication methods, membership recruitment, community service, and understanding the Ritual were all lessons taught and how to exemplify these aspects of DeMolay in the Chapter will be the ultimate goal for all those who attended this year.  Each young man who attended was provided with an expansive amount of not only physical knowledge which they have in a binder, but also that of knowledge provided from an incredible staff this year who lead the sessions and meetings for this week.  

Not only was there time for learning more about our great Order, but time that was given to the members to bond and become closer as brothers. DeMolays from all different Chapters around the state were combined to make six individual Chapters for this week.  The experiences had will last a lifetime and the memories made will live on forever with these young men.


DeMolay is the greatest opportunity that can be afforded to a young man -
we teach and practice leadership skills, values which are not found anywhere else and create lasting friendships -
we are DeMolay.

Quentin Cockerham

Stepping up to the Plate

As a Master councilor you learn that it is not just you that makes the choice - it’s what your Chapter wants and you are just the lead man for the job. But let’s say you had to differ to your senior councilor - they make the choices that you can’t make when you’re not there and they hold the chapter together.  This is important to have on a Chapter level and to have some kind of command that trickles down to even the last man, so if everyone happens to get sick or miss the event he can still accomplish what is set out by the Master Councilor. He can still be the leader we are all meant to be. But he has to be a team player and step up to the plate, ready to take action.

Give the young men of the Chapter the opportunity to pick their position on a committee and what they want to take lead of. This also gives them the responsibility to ensure things are taken care of. So if the time comes that they need to take charge or perform an action, they can be ready to hit the ground running. You could also have the young men run for their position on a committee. Allow them to state why they would be best for the job and what they bring to the table. As the Master Councilor, you could also appoint the position yourself. Overall, you do hold the key to the leadership being on all committees, so make the choice of who you feel would do the best job, regardless of title.

Once everything is set in place and all the members know their responsibilities, you can move forward in being a sufficient Chapter.  As Master Councilor, it is your responsibility to ensure the success of your Chapter through the efforts of every member who is a part of the team.

John Parker

Great Plains DLC

I was given the opportunity to attend Great Plains DeMolay Leadership Conference, better known as DLC, where DeMolays from 15 different states came to Oklahoma in order to learn more about DeMolay and to have fun through sports and brotherhood. There were just over a hundred total DeMolays who attended the conference. Throughout the conference I learned and acquired knowledge and skills that I hope to bring back to Missouri and my home Chapter in order to make DeMolay the greatest experience for every young man. I was taught how to see each Chapter as a City-State and that they each have a specific identity and skill set which is the strength of their Chapter. The most important thing I learned from the conference was to share DeMolay. Not to share our great organization with ourselves but to reach into places where we have no members to bring those young men in.

Also throughout the week there were many brotherly competitions. We played dodgeball, Quidditch, and a capture the flag based game called snowball. There was a lot of sportsmanship and fun during these activities. Overall my experience at DLC was incredible as I got to meet many brothers from across the country. I couldn’t be more grateful than this opportunity that was afforded to me. 


Bradley Pitman


Masonic Relation Benefits 

Support from a Masonic body is probably the most important thing to a Chapter aside from the active members. Without a good relationship with at least one Masonic body, a Chapter is completely on its own. Masonic bodies such as the Order of the Eastern Star, the Blue Lodge, the Scottish Rite, etc. are some great examples of Masonic bodies that love to help DeMolay Chapters and can have strong relations within a Chapter.

These bodies help us on a Chapter level with many things such as finances, facilities, and they help us run our activities if we are shorthanded. They also help out the members of a Chapter on a more personal basis. For example, if a member has had a distant or non-present father, then a Master Mason who is part of the Lodge sponsoring that young man’s Chapter would be a perfect father figure for that member and could help him learn things a father would teach him. Also, the members of the sponsoring Masonic body can help with guidance for the Chapter. Examples include ways to improve a fundraiser or where the members could go to get supplies for activities they plan.

On a larger scale, our ties with our Masonic family help financially. We are fortunate enough to receive generous donations and most Masonic bodies have scholarships they give forth to deserving youth. This is a wonderful opportunity that our members have to apply for a chance to be helped in their education.  Our sponsoring Masonic bodies are here for us, as we are here for them and as long as we continue to work together, we will see a better tomorrow. 

Wolf Wheeler

Selling DeMolay

I recently had the amazing opportunity to go to the National Leadership Conference for the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). This organization offers competitions all around the country and teaches youth how to become better business people and professionals for the future.

This fantastic experience taught me some very important things:

The first thing I learned was how to sell DeMolay. I learned about what specific aspects of our order catch the eyes of parents. I learned how to use our regalia, personal experiences, and programs of Missouri DeMolay and beyond, in order to sway prospects and parents alike into realizing how special we truly have it in our organization.

The second thing is that people want to hear about DeMolay. I pitched this presentation to several judges who had never even heard of DeMolay, but after I was done, they were hooked. They wanted their actual sons to join; they wanted to know about Chapters in their area. People around us are in need of this organization, and it only takes the right things to say at the right time and place to satisfy their need.

The third thing I learned was how far DeMolay can take you. In my first year of competing in FBLA competitions, I was able to attend the national convention, being the only one from my school district who qualified. Without the wonderful programs of DeMolay, I probably wouldn’t have made past districts, let alone made it to nationals. If you embrace this organization, let it become a part of the other aspects of your life, let the teachings it provides seep down to the basis of your character, there is no where you cannot go and nothing you cannot do.

While I learned other lessons, these are the ones that really stuck with me. The presentation I made is truly representative of what it takes to get someone interested in joining, and maybe sometime soon you may have the opportunity to check it out. But regardless of whether or not that happens, the lessons above can be applied to other things besides that presentation. I encourage all of you to learn how to promote our organization, realize how much it is needed by others, and most importantly, embrace DeMolay as it will help you achieve anything and everything you put your mind to.

Joey Goldman

Being a Jurisdictional Officer

Being a Jurisdictional Officer is a huge honor for me. Being a Jurisdictional Officer means to me that I was chosen to represent my brothers in the state of Missouri. While I am a Jurisdictional Officer, I do not believe that I am better than any other member of DeMolay.

I love this organization I believe that every young man should be a part of this wonderful opportunity. I don’t believe that I need to be recognized as something more than just an active member but that I am here to be of assistance to the Chapters and to help them accomplish anything that they want to do and to provide advice and counsel.

Being a Jurisdictional Officer doesn’t make me better or smarter than any member and even though I have a title or a collar, I believe that everyone has a purpose in DeMolay. I believe that it is my responsibility to help DeMolay prosper in every aspect and that every single DeMolay can do the same.  I am here to serve you – to provide leadership to young men to be the better leaders of tomorrow who make DeMolay bigger and better. 



Ben Holt
Sweetheart's Travels

Hello Missouri DeMolay! We are honored to be serving as your State Sweethearts and hope to become closer with your Chapters throughout this year.  We are excited to be traveling all around and hope to be able to visit every Chapter in Missouri.

Kirkwood Chapter had their installation on June 13th, where Chaz Stuthman was installed as Master Councilor for the ensuing term. Congrats to Tanner Akers for a successful term and to Chaz and all members of Kirkwood for a beautiful installation. We enjoyed watching you all perform a great ceremony and bust a move at the dance afterwards.

On July 18th, all three youth organizations gathered for Masonic Youth Day at Six Flags. Before arriving at Six Flags, a small membership ceremony was given by each organization at Fenton Lodge. We are extremely proud of our Jurisdictional Officer, Wolf Wheeler, for performing a beautiful Ceremony of Light. Running around Six Flags with all of you was such a blast and we can't wait for future events!

The University of DeMolay was this past week and we hope you all experienced a time filled with leadership, brotherhood, and teamwork. We hope to hear all about your experiences at The U and see you take the information you learned back to your Chapters.

We would love to attend any events coming up with your Chapter, so please don't hesitate to contact us throughout the year! The only way we'll be able to stop by is if we're informed on your Chapter's events. We can't wait to hear from you all!

Your State Sweethearts,

Brittany Pomilee
State Sweetheart

Amanda Aiken
Associate State Sweetheart